Quality assurance and compliance

MeDiNova’s principal aim is to deliver quality clinical trials data on time at every one of its investigator sites. Accurate patient data as well as our streamlined procedures comply with regulatory, ethical and ICH GCP requirements to achieve the best quality standards for our patients and our clients

We have developed high quality standard operating procedures (SOPs) which are strictly adhered to.  We consider it vital to work with defined written processes to ensure that the quality of our clinical research is consistently high and delivered consistently across all our sites. Our investment in training to ensure practical adoption of these SOP’s is an ongoing and relentless priority.

We perform operational compliance across our sites and undertake regular internal audits to ensure that quality assurance and compliance is provided in all our clinical centres and studies.

As MeDiNova regularly recruit high numbers of patients for the trials we participate in, we are frequently audited by our clients and also inspected by regulatory authorities, including the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  At MeDiNova we are very proud of our Quality record in respect to Client and regulatory body audits. This is a testament of the hard work by our professional teams at each site. All clinical research performed at MeDiNova is approved by the relevant Research Ethics Committee (REC).

We are committed to making sure that we work with you from project conception, through to completion, to deliver a comprehensive and efficient trial