Feasibility Assessment

Feasibility assessment

We believe that an accurate and realistic assessment of the protocol is vital to the success of the project.

Our feasibility assessment includes:

  • Review of MeDiNova‚Äôs experience in the therapeutic area and metrics 
  • Opinions taken from our medical team 
  • GP and Physicians' views on the study 
  • Prevalence of disease data 
  • Searches including Pubmed and Healthcare data eg. QOF data 
  • Full internal medical and ethical review 
  • Assessment of budgeted cost and timescale for delivery 
  • Summary of procedures required to conduct the study 
  • MeDiNova staff specific training requirements 

With our in-country and global teams working across the project, we can identify challenges and provide positive solutions at an early stage to develop a realistic assessment of delivery taking into account clinical and patient interest matters to achieve full protocol compliance.

Once completed our feasibility we then put in place a detailed recruitment strategy and the operational steps needed and identify how we will work with patients to engage them and be part of the study. 

Our approach to feasibility is a solution driven, dynamic approach working in collaboration with our Pharma and CRO Clients.

We are committed to making sure that we work with you from project conception, through to completion, to deliver a comprehensive and efficient trial