Recruiting Patients

MeDiNova principally undertakes studies in Phases II, III and IV Clinical Trials. Over the past eighteen years, MeDiNova has completed over three hundred Clinical Trials with satisfied Patients, Sponsors and CRO’s. We also assist Phase 1 Units with recruiting patients for them to undertake Clinical Research.

MeDiNova has a large patient population reach within the UK  as its North London Clinical Studies Centre, South London Clinical Studies Centre and East London Clinical Studies Centre are all located in areas of high population density in London.

MeDiNova currently has a significant number of patients on clinical trials and uses an innovative range of approaches to recruit patients, including through;

  • GP’s, Physicians and Consultants within Healthcare
  • Patient organisations
  • Direct recruitment through magazine, radio and newspaper advertising.

Our patient led approach helps us in successfully recruiting patients.

GP’s also appreciate this collaborative approach. We frequently
undertake Disease Awareness sessions that are well attended by Patients and GP’s who find them helpful.

MeDiNova has been very successful in recruiting patients for clinical trials over the past eighteen years in many therapeutic areas.