MeDiNova principally undertakes studies in Phases II, III and IV Clinical Trials. Over the past twenty years, MeDiNova has completed over three hundred Clinical Trials with satisfied Patients, AND Sponsors.  We also assist Phase 1 Units with recruiting patients to undertake Clinical Research.

During initial discussions with a Sponsor or CRO, MeDiNova conducts a comprehensive feasibility stethoscope and laptop assessment which draws on the extensive experience and knowledge gained by conducting recruitment programmes for numerous Phase II, III and IV clinical trials. We believe that an accurate and realistic assessment of the protocol is vital to the success of the project.

Our feasibility assessment includes:

  • Review of MeDiNova’s experience in the therapeutic area and metrics
  • Opinions taken from our medical team
  • GP and Physicians' views on the study
  • Prevalence of disease data
  • Searches including pubmed and QOF dataHealthcare
  • Full internal medical and ethical review
  • Assessment of budgeted cost and timescale for delivery
  • Summary of procedures required to conduct the study
  • MeDiNova staff specific training requirements