Uk Allergy Awareness Week

UK Allergy Awareness Week


Running from Monday 23rd April to Sunday 29th April, Allergy Awareness week is promoted by Allery UK and is designed to raise awareness of people living with allergies.

Dr Essam Abdulhakim, Chief Medical Officer for MeDiNova Research said: 

“MeDiNova Research are dedicated to working towards a healthier future for all.

MeDiNova have been involved in studies seeking effective treatment specifically aimed at Atopic Eczema in our clinics across UK.   We are pleased to be supporting Allergy UK to create awareness of Allergies and the impact that they have on those affected by them.

Allergy UK’s focus for 2018 is on people travelling with an allergy and raising awareness of the issues faced by people with allergies when travelling. 

Allergy UK will also be highlighting advice on how to prepare for holidays, both abroad and in the UK, with a new travelling with allergies section on their website as well as lots of advice about managing hay fever while travelling in the UK.

For more information and to get involved visit Allergy UK