Medinova approved as local educational provider for pharmaceutical medicine specialty training

Approved Education Provider


MeDiNova Research is an approved Local Education Provider (LEP) for Pharmaceutical Medicine Specialty Training (PMST).

The purpose of specialty training in pharmaceutical medicine is to produce accredited pharmaceutical physicians, who are equipped with specialist knowledge and comprehensive skills and competencies to practise to the highest ethical and professional standards, for the benefit and safety of patients and the public, in the development and maintenance of medicines.

Dr Essam Abdulhakim MBChB FRCS said:

“As Chief Medical Officer for MeDiNova Research coupled with my role as General Medical Council Responsible Officer and Educational Supervisor, I am delighted that we have been approved as a Local Education Provider by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine from December 2017.  

“Organisations who provide PMST must have effective, transparent and clearly understood educational governance systems and processes to manage or control the quality of medical education and training.

“This acknowledges that MeDiNova Research is committed to providing delivery of the PMST curriculum and assessments.  It also recognises that we will support and develop our trainees on an ongoing basis and ensure that they have the necessary resources to ensure that they can undertake speciality training to achieve accreditation.”


Notes to Editors:

1) Specialty Training: The Faculty sets the curriculum for the training programme 'Pharmaceutical Medicine Specialty Training (PMST)', which guides clinically trained doctors through the early stages of their careers in pharmaceutical medicine. On successful completion of PMST and passing the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine exam - an examination for physicians working in the pharmaceutical industry covering all aspects of pharmaceutical medicine as part of the PMST programme or as a stand alone examination - trainees are entitled to apply to be on the General Medical Council (GMC) specialist register for pharmaceutical medicine. 

2) As at 7 December 2017 there were approximately 130 trainees undertaking Pharmaceutical Medicine Specialty Training (PMST), and over 80 pharmaceutical companies, Clinical Research Organisations and the MHRA, approved by the General Medical Council (GMC) to deliver the Pharmaceutical Medicine Specialty Training programme.

3) For more information about PMST visit: FACULTY OF PHARMACEUTICAL MEDICINE