MeDiNova Research - dedicated to working towards a healthier future for all. 

MeDiNova has 106 Investigator Sites worldwide.  Each site has its own highly trained and experienced doctors, nurses, study coordinators and support staff.  

We ensure the highest quality care for our patients, with excellent patient experience and retention.  Our clinical research service is world class and focused on an efficient and timely service, ensuring precise client trial data for our patients, sponsors contract research organisations (CROs) and healthcare professionals.

Our five values - Quality, Recruitment, Delivery, Staff and Prospects - reflect the very ethos of the organisation.

If you want to be part of a multicultural, forward thinking team of people, working for a fast growing, globally recognised dedicated research company then we may have an opportunity for you.

Data Co-Ordinator 1

POSITION  Data Co-Ordinator 1 

LOCATION:  London - Romford / Kenilworth Warwickshire

SALARY  £20,000 to £23,995

Health Care Coordinator

POSITION  Health Care Coordinator

LOCATION  London - Sidcup / London - Romford / Shipley - Yorkshire

SALARY  £20,000 + Bonus

Research Physician 1

POSITION    Research Physician 1

LOCATIONS :   Nationwide

SALARY       £50,000 - £60,000 Dependent on experience.     

Research Physician 2

POSITION  Research Physician 2 

LOCATIONS : Nationwide

SALARY       £61,000 to £75,000

Research Nurse 1

POSITION  Research Nurse 1

LOCATIONS: Sidcup - Kent  / Kenilworth - Warwickshire

SALARY (£25,000K – £28,995K) Dependent on experience

Research Nurse 2

POSITION  Research Nurse 2

LOCATIONS: Sidcup - Kent /  Kenilworth - Warwickshire

SALARY  (£25,000 – £34,995) Dependent on experience