the process

We have worked with GPs and GP practices for many years and understand the pressures that practices have to cope with.   We have developed a simple and effective way of working with practices in order to ensure that time is minimised, as our staff perform the search and mail process.  We also cover any administration costs incurred by GP practices.

  • After the GP surgery confirms its interest in collaborating with us, a search is run on the database to generate a list of patients eligible to participate in the study.
  • Selected patients are then sent a letter from the practice informing the patient about the study. 
  • If a patient is interested, they are invited to fill out a questionnaire about their condition and send it in the FREEPOST envelope to us. Alternatively a patient  can call us directly on the telephone number provided.
  •  It is only after receiving the questionnaire which confirms the patients interest, that we then contact the patient to discuss the study and further assess their suitability. This ensures that there is no breach of confidentiality between the practice and the patient.
  • We will write to the GP to inform them of any patients who consent to participate in the study and request a short medical questionnaire.

All studies that we undertake are approved by the national and local ethics committees. The sponsor companies also undertake a high level of monitoring for the duration of the study. GPs and their Practices have no direct involvement or responsibility for any clinical research trial work carried out by MeDiNova.