Working Together

At MeDiNova we work closely with GP practices to offer the opportunity for patients to take part in clinical research. 

 Involvement in research is often a rewarding experience for a patient and can give them close monitoring of their condition. Not only can clinical research benefit a patient but it can also benefit a practice as well.

Benefits for practice

  • Patient Care - Close monitoring of patients and their conditions.
  • Procedures - Access to specialist investigations. the results of these are forwarded to GP's for their records.
  • Drugs Budget - Patients medications will be supplied with no cost to the practice.
  • Co-operation - Working with our Dedicated Research centres will assist GP's i their Appraisal and Revalidation process.
  • QOF – Many studies provide medical information which often helps towards reaching QOF targets.

  • Practice Staff - Are invited to attend Disease Awareness Sessions to develop their knowledge. They will laso be introduced to the latest equipment and technology used in the treatment of diseases within our areas of research.
  • Payments - Practices will receive a payment to cover their administrative time involved n the process ranging from £100 - £700 depending on the number of patients written to. Once patients have consented to take part in a study we will request  a brief medical history questionnaire and make a payment of £50 for each one of these.

If you would like further information on how we can work together and the benefits for your practice then contact us today.