It is a condition affecting the airways in the lungs. When a person suffering from asthma comes into contact with certain things that irritate the airways, it will lead to contraction of the smooth muscles lining the airways leading to the narrowing of the same and also lead to inflammation of the lining cells resulting in increased mucus production and further narrowing of airways. This leads to symptoms of difficulty in breathing, coughing, wheeze and tightness in the chest.

Asthma affects over 5 million people and over a million children are affected by the same. Most people can have mild attacks. However severe attacks can be life threatening. It is a reversible condition which can be managed by inhalers in most cases. Spirometry testing will help confirm the diagnosis of asthma.

We have conducted several studies for asthma in the past and have experience in conducting spirometry testing, home monitoring of peak flow rates and managing the condition.