We understand that Sponsors wish to conduct trials on time and on a budget to a high quality.

Our team works with each sponsor through an Account Director who understands both the Sponsor interests and how MeDiNova can deliver their outcomes.

Our close relationship means that we are working on Sponsor’s pipeline in their therapeutic areas.

We provide feasibility at a very early stage in the pipeline and work with them to ascertain suitable patient populations globally. This in turn informs clients of relevant countries and sites capabilities to undertake the trial.

Our Programme Management team provides regular reports on all relevant metrics to the sponsor.

We pride in having an excellent relationship with our Sponsors. 

We are committed to making sure that we work with you from project conception, through to completion, to deliver a comprehensive and efficient trial


Contact Research Organisations (CROs)

MeDiNova provides CROs with opportunities to recruit large volumes of high quality patients at identified strategic sites. By consolidating efforts through a focused approach and utilising experienced staff we manage the study to deliver the desired outcomes.


Quality is a core value of MeDiNova and at the centre of everything we do.  We have a highly skilled quality team who are dedicated to ensuring that all our procedures are streamlined and robust.  

Our methodological procedures, controls, metrics and training comply with regulatory and ethical ICH GCP requirements and standards to ensure the accuracy of patient data.   

Experienced quality staff and auditors ensure consistent best practice is consistently maintained and that excellence is reflected by our clinical teams throughout all our investigator sites.