CROs undertake large scale trials for Pharmaceutical Sponsor Companies.

We have long established relationships with CROs to be their Global Site Network of choice when pitching to Sponsors and placing work when awarded.

We assist CROs with pre-award feasibility and often join in proposal bids with them.

We enter into Master Services Agreements with CROs and this enables joint track feasibility assessments and contracting of award studies.

Our established Global Site Network provides the CRO with the advantage required to recruit in high numbers on a timely basis. Our experienced global, clinical and management teams ensure that operation and quality are maintained throughout the trial.

We agree on relevant trial metrics at the onset of trials and then report for all our sites in a cohesive manner.

At MeDiNova’s Global Network of Quality Research sites, we are proud to recruit patients at 3-4 times the rate of Site Management Organisations and at 6-8 times the rate of individual sites.  

We focus on quality and maintain a good record with Sponsors and Regulatory Agencies. This further provides reassurance to CROs, who place their trust in large cohorts of global trials with MeDiNova.

MeDiNova’s detailed assistance at site level assist CRO monitors who appreciate that our work minimises their subsequent work. 

We are committed to making sure that we work with you from project conception, through to completion, to deliver a comprehensive and efficient trial


Contact Research Organisations (CROs)

MeDiNova provides CROs with opportunities to recruit large volumes of high quality patients at identified strategic sites. By consolidating efforts through a focused approach and utilising experienced staff we manage the study to deliver the desired outcomes.


Quality is a core value of MeDiNova and at the centre of everything we do.  We have a highly skilled quality team who are dedicated to ensuring that all our procedures are streamlined and robust.  

Our methodological procedures, controls, metrics and training comply with regulatory and ethical ICH GCP requirements and standards to ensure the accuracy of patient data.   

Experienced quality staff and auditors ensure consistent best practice is consistently maintained and that excellence is reflected by our clinical teams throughout all our investigator sites.