Patient volunteers

Thinking about becoming a patient volunteer and participating in a clinical trial?

Clinical research is everybody's business. It touches us all. Even if we have never been involved in research, even if we have never even heard of research, it affects us. 
Modern healthcare is built on research. Every tablet that is prescribed, every treatment that is given, every test that is performed, every aspect of the care that makes modern medicine so remarkable, has first to be discovered, and then thoroughly evaluated, before it can be put into practice. 

Good research allows us to gather good evidence, which in turn, allows us to practice the best medicine. 
We need people like you to help us make a difference and develop new medicines.  If you enrol on a trial you will be assured to know that

  • Patient care is at the heart of everything we do
  • Patients play an active role in their own health care with access to new research treatments
  • All our qualified research Doctors and Nurses are ICH GCP Certified
  • We are ethically approved, rigorously monitored and audited.
  • Our medical screening programme means patients obtain free medical care during the trial
  • Regular monitoring and all test results are shared with the Patient’s own GP.
  • Patients can express an interest without committing to a study
  • Patients are free to withdraw at any time without giving a reason.

Best thing I have ever done, sorry that this study is coming to an end. Would definitely like to be part of another one

Medinova Patient

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All our medical staff are passionate about ensuring our patients have the highest quality of care and making sure that they carry out efficient clinical research. By making a difference for patients and giving them dedicated doctor patient time, we recognise the invaluable contribution they make to the approval of new medications.