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Clinical research is a vital component to allow new therapies to be introduced to the market and provide new treatments for patients.

What makes a successful site?

Research site teams carry out exacting work, to make sure that the testing carried out during the studies is precise and robust, which is an essential part of any successful clinical research business. 

That’s why it is so important to make sure that the Clinical Research sites and teams of people you are working with are high performing, producing quality research that deliver the right results time after time, meaning that sponsors keep coming back to their trusted researchers.

At MeDiNova we know what is required from the outset to deliver a trial.  Our robust end to end service means we put in place stringent processes and have an active role in managing the research studies.   Our teams of full time highly experienced research clinicians are used to working at pace and ensure that our patients have a positive experience during their study participation; for the duration of the study.  Our people take an active role in managing the trial and work in collaboration with their partners to ensure that the measures are in place and adhered to, so we achieve the desired outcomes.

We are committed to making sure that we work with you from project conception, through to completion, to deliver a comprehensive and efficient trial


Innovative Robust Patient Recruitment Model

As part of our feasibility assessment we determine how we will identify and enlist the support of patients to participate in the study, before the enrolment period starts.  This approach eliminates guess work and means we can put in place realistic plans at study launch, making the most of our resources to fulfil the requirements.

Innovation and thinking about new ways to improve studies are also part of the ‘treatment’ we employ when considering a study.  Often by exploring new avenues we can adapt ideas to improve the study from a patient recruitment point of view as well as accelerating the timescales in which these can be carried out.

Our realistic projections and timely delivery ensure that we are as accurate as possible and don’t overpromise on our commitments.

Working in partnership

All our team at MeDiNova appreciate that working in isolation is not the way to achieve a successful study outcome.  We are all advocates of sharing best practice, realising the being part of a team and working together with the emphasis on quality every time produces excellent results - that’s what sets us apart.   We call it ‘The MeDiNova Way’.

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