the team

Our Research Centres are staffed with our full-time Research Physicians, Nurses, Dexa Techicians, Healthcare assistants and other trained medical staff. With their attention focused entirely on conducting clinical trials, our teams are able to build up considerable experience and knowledge across a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas, bringing valuable insight to future clinical trials

 Key members of the team include:

  • Chief Executive Officer & Board Member    :  Kumar Muthalagappan OBE BSc(Hons) FCA         
  • Director General (Spain) & Board Member :   Viggo Birch
  • Non Executive and South Africa Director    :   Jennie Drewett 
  • Chief Medical Officer                                       :  Dr Essam Abdul Hakim  MBChB, MSc, FRCS


  • Dr Babatunde Oyesile MBChB MRCS
  • Dr Balgit Chokkar MBBS
  • Dr Olufeyikemi Oluwayi MBChB, MICR
  • Dr Ahmed Elshashai MBBS
  • Dr Uttara Kurup MBBS MSc
  • Dr Ronnie Beboso MD BSc
  • Dr Usha Sukumaran MBBS MSc

 Research Centre Managers:

  • Bhavna Iyer
  • Danielle Steel
  • Oliver Birch 

Protocol Compliance and Quality:

  • Manju Madhusudanan

Marketing & Patient Recruitment Manager

  • Caroline Endersbee

Finance Manager:

Subramaniyan Meyyappan

Business Development:

  • Mike Porter
  • Kannahi Muthalagappan BSc (Hons) FCA CTA 

IT & Business Analysis Manager:

Elvir Hotic

Our principal aim is to deliver excellent clinical research in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We have a strong management team at the company, led by our Chief Executive Kumar Muthalagappan OBE BSc(Hons) FCA. 

The Administrative Team ensure that the management of the trials process takes place efficiently and smoothly with our dedicated data entry staff who are fully conversant with the principle systems used by Sponsors and CRO’s for collecting data, and who ensure that the completed data  is correctly submitted within the time scales set out in the study. 

We also have a dedicated Patient Recruitment Team which works with the medical industry and patients in a collaborative and mutually beneficial manner.

Key Global Contacts:

 U.K. and global contacts

  • Chief Executive Officer & Board Member    : Kumar Muthalagappan OBE BSc(Hons) FCA         
  • Non Executive and South Africa Director    :  Jennie Drewett 
  • Global Operations Manager                          :  Bhavna Iyer
  • Marketing & Patient Recruitment Manager:  Caroline Endersbee
  • IT & Business Analysis Manager                    :  Elvir Hotic


  • Managing Director                                                  : Viggo Birch
  • Operations Manager                                              : Oliver Birch

South Africa

  • Managing Director                                                 : Dr M S Tayob MBChB, Diploma Occupational Health
  • Operations Manager                                             : Yvette Erasmus


  • Operations Manager                                            : Darlene Harbour