MeDiNova Research

We are a Global Network of Quality Research Sites that provide a unique patient recruitment and delivery solution for the clinical research industry. Established for over 20 years we pride ourselves on our reputation of putting patients at the heart of everything we do.  

Such is the success of our strategy that our model is well received by patients, sites and clients –  this has facilitated MeDiNova’s rapid growth. We have 105 Quality Research Sites across eight countries and our global reach is continually increasing. Our patient community is extensive with a database of 500,000 plus patients and access to over two million patients worldwide.

Our fully trained teams in each of our research sites are very experienced in conducting trials. Together with our expansive high quality database, we can deliver robust patient recruitment quickly and efficiently, with high retention levels. Our aim is to exceed client expectations and enhance their delivery programmes through our participation.

Quality is the paramount value that MeDiNova cherishes and we aim to exude quality in every aspect of our work, particularly demonstrated in our clinical conduct, study management, communications and our people. 

The MeDiNova Team operate as a global family who focus on solutions to serve our patients and the clinical research industry.

MeDiNova focusses globally on delivering high quality clinical trails

Rachael Buck - Senior Director, Programme Management